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From the moment you Viggle your first show or movie and engage with your friends within the app to your first redeemed prize, here’s a month in-depth look at how Viggle works.
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Viggle offers an innovative Rewards platform for entertainment enthusiasts. Viggling starts when you simply check into your favorite shows or movies on TV or streaming. Not sure what to watch? Use the Bonus Shows section to discover new shows and find the best bonus point opportunities.

Bonus Shows

After you’ve checked into your TV program, look out for the 4X, 6X, or 10X Bonus Perk Point Badges. You can also earn more Perk Points by playing along with Viggle LIVE or participating in Quests and Streaks.

Invite Friends

From the Menu, you can Invite A Friend to Viggle from Facebook, Twitter, and your address book.


Finally, make sure you follow Viggle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We often have secret Viggle LIVE bonus point opportunities that we announce only through social media.

Have more questions? Check out Viggle Support.