Robert F.X. Sillerman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Bob has pioneered some of the most successful businesses in television, radio, promotion, marketing & live entertainment. Through the sales of SFX Entertainment and SFX Broadcasting, he’s also driven some of the largest transactions in the history of live entertainment and radio. Viggle is Sillerman’s ninth public company.

Greg Consiglio - President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Consiglio

President & Chief Operating Officer

Greg has rich experience in new business development and strategic alliances. He recently headed business development at Ticketmaster, where he managed online affiliate sales, business development, sponsorships and strategic alliances. Previously, Greg led Asian operations and international business development for AOL.

Kevin Arrix - Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin Arrix

Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin joined Viggle Inc. after a 9 year stint as EVP, Digital Advertising at MTV Networks. Kevin was in charge of sales, operations, marketing and product development for various Viacom brands including MTV, Nickelodeon & Comedy Central. Prior to MTV Networks, Kevin held positions at CBS Sports Line and Turner Broadcasting.

John Small - Chief Financial Officer

John Small

Chief Financial Officer

John joined Viggle after 19 years of portfolio management and investment research and served as the Company’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development from August 2011 until September 2012. Immediately prior to Viggle, John was Senior Asset Manager for GLG Partners from April 2000 until August 2011. At GLG Partners, he was responsible for TMT and Renewable Energy investments. John is on the Board of Directors of ViSole, and has previously served on the Boards of Directors of Loyalty Alliance, Infinia Corporation, PayEaseCorporation, New Millenium Solar Equipment Co., and ShortList Media Ltd. He is a CFA and holds a BA, Economics from Cornell University.

The Viggle Team - New York

Account Services

Victoria Dekhtyar

Account Services Manager

Tara Dowling

Account Services Manager

Renee Mizrahi

VP, Account Services & Integrated Marketing

Meghan Weber

Director, Account Services


Ali Fenichel

Associate Manager, Analytics

Lara Gitlin

Associate Director, Partner Strategy & Insights

Tommy Nelson

Associate Manager, CRM & TV Network Analytics

Pete Thomas

VP, Corporate Strategy & Analytics

Business Development

Michael Levin

Senior Director, Business Development

Eric Satler

Senior Director, Business Development

Customer Support

Evan McCann

Customer Support Analyst

Jennifer Mullen

VP, Customer Service

Rece Reid

Customer Support Analyst


Anthony Faria

Creative Director

Shirley Friedlander


Marie Koenig


Ray Masaki


Chris Ralston



Bernadette Baillie

VP, Software Delivery

Amanda Baker

Senior Quality Assurance Tester

Charles Burns

Systems Engineer

Robin Cannon

Director, Front End Engineering

Sharon Chen

Front-End Engineer

Kelly Cosman

Senior Platform Engineer

Brian Ephraim

Senior Web/JavaScript Engineer

Bill Ferrer

Front-End Engineer

Harsh Kalra

Mobile Engineer

Dimitri Karvounis

Data Warehouse Engineer

John Keating

Manager, Engineering

Dara Kong

Front-End/Platform Engineer

Dave Kovach

Systems Engineer

Xiqi Liu

Mobile Engineer

Tom MacGahan

Data Warehouse Engineer

Tanya Mamedalin

Platform Engineer

Peter Martin

VP, Operations

Will Norman

Platform Engineer

Colin Prepscius

Senior Director, Mobile Engineering

Tyler Thackray

Mobile Engineer

Billy Tobon

Mobile Engineer

Jon Torodash

Front-End Engineer

David Townsend

Quality Assurance Engineer


Carol Coli

Executive Assistant, Chairman & CEO

Gayle Kendall

Executive Assistant, President & COO


Matt Brager

Senior Manager, Accounting Operations

Bethany Gilmore

Revenue Controller

Larry Kulak

Assistant IT Manager

Sabeena Lalwani

Director, IT Operations

Bill Manning


Gabi Rubin

Director, Headquarters

Gordon Saft

Director, Strategy and Corporate Development

Laura Schultz

Director, Finance


Tom McLean

General Counsel

Alyson Muldoon

Legal Assistant

Mitchell Nelson

General Counsel


Renee Alexander

Associate Director, Marketing

Hyun Lee-Miller

Senior Director, Online Acquisition


Kyle Brink

VP, Product

Boris Kizelshteyn

Senior Product Manager

Jamie Parker

Product Manager

Ariel Rey

Senior Product Director

Debra Gail White

Product Manager


Miles Stiverson

Director, Programming

Brea Tremblay

Senior Editor

Lauren Zaremba

Associate Editor

Revenue Operations

Jasmin Hashi

Sales Planner

Anna Hougart

Director, Revenue Operations

Scott Johnson

Front-End Developer

Kierstin Kolle

Sales Planner

Jenna Tafuri

Media Reconciliation Analyst

Gio Torres

Traffic Manager

Cathy Wei

Campaign Analyst

Daisy Yau

Associate Director, Advertising Operations


Julie Gerola

VP, Loyalty and Rewards

Gabe Marra

Rewards Analyst


Christine Andraus

Director, West Coast Sales

Alana Garcia

Sales Associate

Alexis Ginas

VP, Sales

Todd Leslie

Account Director – East Coast

Jason Lohr

Director, Midwest Sales

Shaila Mathias

Account Director – East Coast

Anne McWilliams

Account Executive – East Coast

Henok Misgina

Account Executive – Midwest

Catherine Pugliese

Sales Assistant

Kathryn Ruczynski

Sales Assistant

Andrew Sokolsky

Sales Associate

Kwan Thongsrinoon

Account Director – West Coast

Kris Thoren

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Alexandra Vorreuter

Account Director – East Coast

Talent Resources

Lisa Failla

VP, Talent Resources

Christine Morse

Junior HR Generalist