Viggle creates partnerships with majors Brands, TV Networks, Developers and Rewards Partners to offer the opportunity to reach a highly engaged entertainment audience. Here’s how you can partner with Viggle:


Viggle Offers Groundbreaking Solutions

Viggle has created new ways to build awareness and drive consumer action via targeted ad engagements, innovative interactive units, holistic media and experiential marketing programs. Brand advertisers can mirror or extend current ad campaigns, reinforce or enhance show/event sponsorship or target key audiences. The Viggle platform is designed to deliver your message and bring your creative to life with precision targeting based on demographic (age, gender, zip codes, etc.), or behavioral characteristics (show check-ins, viewing day-parts, network check-ins, etc). For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

TV Networks

The Television Engagement & Loyalty Platform

Viggle allows TV networks to reach potential viewers, drive tune-in, increase engagement and expose millions of users to series of network-related content. Advertisers can reach a high engaged TV viewing audience through video and digital advertising as well as integrations within play along experiences like trivia and polls in Viggle LIVE. We also work with networks to create custom experiences like sweepstakes, trips, and giveaways. Viggle can target users based on demographics or specific behaviors such as show check-ins, viewing day-parts, network check-ins, etc. We can also drive discovery or deepen the relationship with existing audiences by rewards them for engaging with network programming. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


Create Apps & Games On The Viggle Platform

Viggle offers an open API that allows approved Developers to create and integrate apps that enrich the Viggle experience for the user. We give Developers all the tools they need to build highly engaging apps ranging from interactive games to content experiences. Viggle also offers a revenue share for the ads that are served through the developer’s app. To learn more about developing Viggle apps, click here.


Viggle is powered by Perk, the #1 Mobile Rewards Program.

The most fulfilling moment for users is when they redeem their Perk Points. Rewards partners can be a part of this unique experience. Viggle users can redeem Perk Points for 800+ Gift Card options, Prizes, Sweepstakes or exchange their Points for cash with our powerful prepaid debit card, Perk Plastik. Viggle partners with TV Networks and brands to reward users with highly relevant entertainment-based prizes.

Are you a TV network looking to promote a series, a brand looking to drive awareness, or a company looking to get in front of tech-savvy entertainment fans? With Perk, Viggle can integrate rewards partners in many ways – product discounts, brand inclusion in our rewards catalog, sweepstakes and/or contests. Partners can also receive deep insights into redemption activity across a spectrum of behavior including demographic data, timing of purchase, and overall brand favorability. Browse our rewards catalog in the Viggle app or at