Viggle has a variety of interactive games that allow you to fully engage with your favorite TV shows, sports and live events. Show your loyalty to your favorite TV series through check-in streaks and quests. Enter sweepstakes and contests plus interact with other TV fans, all while earning points.

Viggle LIVE

Viewer Engagement in Real-time

With Viggle LIVE, you can engage with your favorite shows through real-time quizzes, polls and trivia that are delivered within Viggle and synched with what you are watching on TV. You gain extra points for every question you answer correctly while playing Viggle LIVE. Test your TV knowledge and earn bonus points!

Advertisers and TV networks have the opportunity to extend what’s on-air into the living room and own the experience. Represent a network or advertiser? Interested in Viggle LIVE integrations? Please contact us at advertising@viggle.com.

Viggle Sports


The Ultimate Predictive and Real-time Fantasy Games

Viggle Sports is an collection of interactive prediction games meant to be played before and during Professional and College sports. Over +13,000 Viggle Points can be earned for making correct predictions during the games. Viggle members can score points for every game by:

  • Predicting the final outcome
  • Guessing the player and team performance
  • Engaging with sponsored ads throughout the game

Learn more about Viggle Sports here. Advertisers have the opportunity to extend their brand into the game and own the experience.

Interested in Viggle Sports integrations? Please contact us at advertising@viggle.com.

Viggle MUSIC

Music is the soundtrack to our lives, the melody of our inner monologues and dearest moments. Now it’s also a great way earn Viggle Points and redeem those points to get cool rewards. Anytime you’re listening to music, use Viggle MUSIC to match a song to discover the album title, artist name and earn points. Love that song so much that you have to own it? Use your points – starting at 2,500 points per song – to get it at Viggle.com or buy it on iTunes to get +1,000* bonus points.

*+1,000 point bonus only available for iOS users

Quests & Streaks

Awards for Loyalty to Series & Genres

Quests and Streaks are other fun ways to earn more Viggle Points. Quests are thematic challenges that earn you entries into sweepstakes and additional points when you check into shows under a particular category (Holiday movies and series, Fall TV Finds, Shows about Pets, etc). Streaks provide you with additional Viggle Points when you check into multiple episodes of a TV series.

Programs that are part of a Quest or a Streak feature badges on the showpage and will always give Vigglers opportunities for additional points and prizes. Check our current and past Quests & Streaks here.

Sweepstakes & Contests

Win Prizes, Trips & Exclusive Experiences

Viggle partners with major brands, TV networks and Rewards partners to offer you the opportunity to win big prizes. You can win gift cards, electronics, trips and one-of-a-kind TV experiences (trips and tickets to American Idol Live, the America’s Got Talent finale and much more). Contests and sweepstakes can be entered by either checking in to certain participating shows and/or by cashing in a small amount of Viggle Points for an entry through the Rewards section.

Check our current and past sweepstakes and contests here.

TV Show Apps

Apps & Links Inside Viggle Showpages

Viggle integrates show and network apps directly into our showpages on iPad. You can check in, gain points and interact with a show or network app right inside the Viggle experience. Showpages also offers a rich environment where you can learn more about your favorite programs by linking to the series’ videos, social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest), merchandise retailers (TV Network online stores, Amazon, iTunes) and other show related pages (IMDB, Wikipedia, etc.). It’s Viggle’s way of offering an even more robust and entertaining second screen experience.