Viggle Platform makes it easy for approved third parties to enhance the Viggle experience by building interactive apps that go along with whatever Viggle users are watching on TV.

Developers have access to Viggle’s checked-in audience, loyalty program and web-based toolkit to quickly and easily create unique interactive experiences around the TV shows that Viggle users check into.

Viggle apps are built with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and integrate seamlessly with Viggle’s native iOS and Android clients via a Javascript API. Viggle apps range from simple static content experiences like video playlists, news headlines and photo slideshows, to fully immersive games where users can interact with each other and earn Viggle points.


Start simple…

  • Build your desired second screen experience in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Host the app on a reliable server.
  • Submit the URL.
  • Tell us which show or shows the app is designed to enhance.

Simple Platform

  • Leverage our Audio Content Recognition (ACR) technology to power sync’d to the second experiences in your app.

Viggle Live @ The Oscars

Go Nuts…

  • Distribute Viggle Points to users of your app.
  • Serve ads from our ad server and share in the revenue.


Why build with the Viggle Platform?


  • Viggle’s users check into thousands of TV shows across 200+ broadcast and cable networks daily.
  • Viggle is available for both iOS and Android devices. Your HTML5 apps will integrate seamlessly with both.

Speed to Market

  • Audio Content Recognition (ACR) & Sync — identifies which show the user is watching and communicates to your app precisely where in the program he or she is.
  • Loyalty Program — incentivize users to earn and spend Viggle points for real rewards.


  • It costs you nothing to get started.
  • Viggle will work with each developer to create an equitable revenue sharing opportunity when you serve ads from our system.

Get Started

If you have an idea for an app that you would like to build using Viggle Platform, follow the instructions on our getting started page.

Content Owner?

If you produce original content related to television or that could enhance the television viewing experience, we’d like to distribute it! Our platform allows us to easily incorporate any existing HTML5 application into Viggle; simply submit a link to an example of your content by clicking here and if we think it’s a fit, we’ll help you grow your audience.

In order to protect Viggle users, and our software and services, while also providing a great platform for developers, we require that you comply with the Terms of Use. By using the Viggle Platform, you agree unconditionally to be bound by all of the Terms.