The Daily Viggle – 3/6/2013

March 6th, 2013

Favorite workplace comedy?


62% The Office

18% 30 Rock

11% Workaholics

9% Parks and Recreation


The Vatican is installing electronic jamming devices to prevent papal vote news from being leaked. 55% of Vigglers approve of the high-tech secret-keeping. 45% would welcome a papal spoiler.


Earlier this week, Princess Kate might have accidentally revealed the Royal Baby is a girl. 87% of Vigglers think it was more than just a slip. If so, there’s a lot of pink in the Royal Family’s future.


After 10 years, What Not to Wear is ending its run on TLC. 22% of Vigglers will miss Stacy and Clinton’s epic makeovers. 78% think a decade is long enough to know what to wear.