The Daily Viggle – 1/3/2012

January 3rd, 2013

The Viggle Pulse

On New Year’s Eve, rapper Psy told MTV he was retiring his smash hit “Gangnam Style.” How does that make you feel?

84% Happy – I’m so over it
16% Sad – I learned the horsey dance


Rumor has it House Speaker John Boehner dropped an F-bomb while discussing the Fiscal Cliff with Harry Reid. Thoughts?

53% Appropriate – the Fiscal Cliff is a BFD
47% Inappropriate – it’s unprofessional


Fun Facts

On New Year’s Day, people around the world took a plunge in freezing cold water for the annual Polar Bear Swim. 73% of Vigglers think the icy dip is insane, but 27% want to try it someday.


A paparazzo was sadly killed trying to photograph Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. 84% of Vigglers think privacy laws should be stricter to protect both paparazzi and celebrities.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a little bundle of joy in 2013! 85% of Vigglers think the news is proof the Mayans were right after all.