Vigglers to Spend $505 on Holiday Gifts!

November 29th, 2012

With Thanksgiving and that first weekend of holiday shopping season behind us, we set out to find what retailers could expect from consumers this season and polled a group of the most active mobile users out there – Viggle members – for our annual TV Viewers Holiday Shopping Survey.

The results are in and according to Vigglers, smartphones and tablets are going to play a big role in their shopping plans this year as they hunt for the best deals. In fact, more than half (51%) are going to have their devices on hand while in-store to compare prices against other retailers. But, that doesn’t mean they’re going to immediately head to another location trying to get a better price — 48% will turn to their devices for access to coupons at the stores they visit. When it comes to information about those gifts, it looks like they’re getting more comfortable checking with their devices than store employees for more information about potential purchases. Product barcodes will be scanned by 37%. And they’re definitely looking to rack up check-in points throughout; 18% of Vigglers are going to log their experience on Foursquare or other similar services.

Below, you’ll find an infographic we put together based on these and some other unique findings. Wherever you end up shopping this year, keep watching TV with Viggle so you get points that turn into holiday gifts!

Viggle Holiday Shopping Survey