Viggle Winner goes to the Brickyard!

July 25th, 2013

Congratulations to the fastest Viggler around! Michael S. from Jonesboro, GA won a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch some live NASCAR action.  Michael will hit the Brickyard, where the rubber truly meets the road, representing the Viggle Pit Crew!

Read about Michael’s experience Viggling for the prize below.

When I first started Viggling, several friends would get so annoyed with me when I was constantly telling them “I need to check-in!” or asking them trivia questions. Now every single person I’ve told about Viggle and how I won a trip by Viggling has joined the Viggle Nation!

When you enter into contests you really don’t ever expect to win. But I won this time and I’m really glad I did! I’ve wanted to go to the Brickyard for many years after finding out that some of my more distant relatives used to work there. So, I’m really excited for the opportunity tovisit a place I’ve heard lots of stories about. Who knew that earning points from watching TV would lead to such a great prize! Thanks, Viggle!!