Viggle Update: iOS 7 Compatibility

September 19th, 2013

Have you already upgraded your iPhone or iPad with iOS 7? Are you planning to do so soon? If the answer is yes, please take a second to make sure that Viggle is fully compatible with iOS 7. There are new permissions required to use Viggle with your smart device and we want to make sure you have the tips to keep checking in to your favorite shows and programs.


Once you upgrade to iOS 7, and click on the Viggle App for the first time, you will prompted to allow Viggle to access to your microphone. In order for you to check-in to your favorite shows and programs we ask that you click “yes” so that the audio verification will work when you tune in.


Until we upgrade the Viggle app you may experience some minor display issues. If this happens, please contact us. The Viggle App upgrade will take place automatically very soon unless you have adjusted your iTunes setting to update manually. If you do update manually, please keep an eye out for the Viggle update in the next few weeks.


Thanks for Viggling!