The Big Game Tickets, A Private Jet, and Millions of Points!

September 10th, 2015

Viggle Football is back and better than ever, and we’re celebrating with the Big Game Challenge to find the Viggler with the Highest Football I.Q. Do you have what it takes to be crowned the Viggle Football champion? If so it comes with perks!

Play along with Viggle Football and be automatically entered into the Big Game Challenge. During every NFL game this season you will have a chance to earn the top score and win a pair of tickets to the biggest game of the year in San Francisco! Each week we will award the top point scorer with +1,000,000 points.


How to win The Big Game Challenge:

Play Viggle Football before and during professional football games each week. The top weekly score will be awarded based on total weekly points earned during Viggle football. The Viggler with the top Viggle Football Score during the NFL regular season will win. The more you play the better your chances will be to win big!

To win with Viggle Football just:

  • Predicting the final outcome – Correctly predict the final score, winning team and point difference
  • Guessing the player and team performance – Predict a player and/or team’s performance stats before and throughout a Viggle Football game
  • A perfect score on Viggle Football is worth over +13,000 per game


Learn more about Viggle Football and the rules here.

Grand Prize:

There will be two grand prize winners of a luxury trip to The Big Game. Each winner along with an additional guest will earn an all expense paid trip to San Francisco in a private jet, luxury accommodations, and 2 seats to the big game.

Prizes throughout the regular season and playoffs:

  • The highest weekly point scorer for Viggle Football of NFL games at the end of every week (Thursday – Monday) will win +1,000,000 points
  • The highest scorer throughout the NFL playoffs will win +5,000,000 points

See the official rules here.