MyGuy Fantasy Football

New Version of Viggle Kicks Off with MyGuy Fantasy Football

September 5th, 2012

A new version of Viggle was released yesterday which features a customizable electronic program guide and more Facebook social features.

The STAR of the show however is MyGuy Fantasy Football. Check into a game on TV with Viggle and MyGuy knows what teams are playing. Choose your player and get going. The better your players do in the game, the more you win and you can sub in new players as much as you want during the game. Play with yourself (ahem), your friends or the crowd at large – you can talk smack with the, um, Smacktalk feature. Its chat on steroids (oh my).

Wanna know more about the making of MyGuy. Take a look at the Fantasy Football Focus groups run by British comedienne Olivia Lee (of “Dirty Sexy Funny” fame). She shocks even the toughest football fans!

May the best team win. Cowboys at Giants, NBC 8:30pm ET.

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