MYGUY Playoff Challenge

December 24th, 2013

Test your MYGUY skills with the MYGUY Playoff Challenge* to win a trip to the Super Bowl and meet MYGUY Commissioner Dan Marino.

Check into any playoff game with Viggle and play MYGUY. Score the most points for a single game during any one of the NFL Playoff games and you could go to Super Bowl XLVIII and meet our MYGUY Football Commissioner Dan Marino!

It’s too early to tell who will be playing in NY on February 2nd but YOU could be the MYGUY player in attendance! Do your best to score highest in a playoff game to earn your spot in New York with Viggle. The next top 4 MYGUY scorers for single a postseason games will receive exclusive merchandise from legendary Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino and +500,000Viggle points for bringing the heat on the road to the Big Apple!



  • Some of the biggest MYGUY scores come from workhorse running backs. If you’re looking for a reliable source of big scores, take the offense’s #1 back.
  • Every team has a go-to running back in goal line situations. Often, it’s a tough fullback and not the usual #1 runner. Do your homework on the teams you’re watching, and be ready to change to the tough guy at the goal line.
  • If you look at the player stats for a team, you can see how often a receiver is targeted with a pass. Receivers score 2 points/yd for receptions, while quarterback’s only get a quarter of that. Look at the last few games, if you notice a receiver on a team that has far more targets than any other, you know you’ve found the quarterback’s favorite — and that’ll be a good pick on offense, because receivers rarely lose score or break streaks.
  • When the offense gets into the red zone, consider taking the kicker. If they get stopped, you’ll get the field goal score, and if they get a touchdown, you’ll get the extra point score. Plus you’re in position for the kickoff score as well.
  • During the two-minute drill at the end of the half that’s typically a passing situation, so you could easily go with the quarterback…but there is a risk of incompletions.



  • It can be worth taking the defense for the steady stream of tackle points. They’ll keep your streak alive, and it’s a safe pick (until the offense gets into the red zone, then change your pick quickly before you get penalized for giving up a touchdown or field goal).
  • If it’s 4th and long, quickly switch to the opposing defense and get points for stopping a drive.



  • Don’t get fooled into thinking you can choose a player after he scores. The time window is often far too tight to pull it off. A better strategy is to switch to the roster page, ready to pick an offensive star, and watch the play develop. Once the ball is passed or handed off, choose that player right away – even before the play is over – so you can have him when the play ends and he scores.


Click here for official rules & GOOD LUCK from team Viggle & Dan Marino!

*Playoff Challenge periods consist of the following: 1/4-1/5, 1/11-1/12, 1/18-1/19. You must check into and Play MYGUY during the live airing of the featured MYGUY Playoff Challenge game indicated by the MYGUY Playoff Challenge badge in the ‘What’s On’ section of the app between 1/4-1/19. The grand prize winner of the Super Bowl tickets and accommodations will be announced by 1/23/13. Bonus points will be awarded by 1/30/14.