Introducing Viggle Fandom

November 21st, 2013

Earn Bonus Points, Exclusive Rewards and Big Time Bragging Rights

Fandom is a new way to show the world that you’re a big fan of TV. By engaging with TV shows in Viggle and Inviting, Finding and Following Friends, you can reach incrementally higher levels of Fandom. This will unlock Viggle Bonus Points and grant you access to exclusive rewards* at select Fandom levels.

Like a particular show? Become a fan of that show by hitting the star icon on the Show Page. Click on the My Shows section of your Viggle profile to see what shows you’ve chosen to FAN and make any changes.

We have also added the FOLLOW feature so you can connect with other Vigglers. As your list of Followers grows, their actions will appear in your new Viggle Activity Feed and your Fandom will increase. You can easily Find Friends already using Viggle or Invite Friends and grow your network. Access the Find Friends tool in your Viggle Profile.


Fandom Levels and Rewards

Raising your Fandom level is easy! Your Fandom increases each time you FAN a show, share a check in to social media, or you or your Followers check into a show. After you reach the first Fandom Level, you can track your Fandom progress in your Viggle profile. When you reach a new Fandom Level, you will receive a notification and earn Viggle Bonus Points.

Starting soon, some exclusive rewards will only be available at certain Fandom Levels. Increase your Fandom to get access to more rewards.*


Bonus Point Badges: 2X, 3X, or More Per Minute

You’ll continue to earn one point per minute for every show you check into. You can get 2X, 3X, 4X or more points per minute for checking into a show with a Viggle Bonus Point Badge. These shows will be featured in the What’s On section of the app.

For example, if a 60-minute show has a 3X bonus point badge and you stay checked into the show for the full 60 minutes, you will receive 180 points. If you only check in for 15 minutes, you will earn 45 points. The 10-minute check-in requirement no longer applies. In order to be eligible for any check-in bonus points, you must check into the program using audio verification. Manual check-ins are not eligible for bonus points.


Welcome to Fandom — powered by Viggle.

Please visit to learn more about Fandom.


*Coming Soon