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July 28th, 2015

Nearly all of us belong to at least one loyalty program. In fact, the average American belongs to 10 loyalty programs (TMS Worldwide). Be it airlines, hotels or retail, there is no doubt that loyalty programs have a significant influence on our buying decisions and behavior. Consumers typically redeem points in two major categories. They use points to buy more products or services from the issuer – a flight from an airline, a hotel room from a hotel chain. Or they use points to get something from reward catalogs that are offered by the loyalty program – consumer electronics are popular as are gift cards or personal items like a watch.

Since reward catalogs were first introduced in the 1950’s, the range of items to choose from has become increasingly sophisticated. In many ways the range has reflected changing consumers demands and innovative new products that have arrived on the market. No surprise then that digital content – movies, TV shows, music downloads and eBooks – are finally coming of age in the loyalty world as our content and media purchasing patterns move away from the physical to eBook readers, listening to music on our smart phones and watching TV shows and movies on our laptops. Viggle, the leading entertainment loyalty program, is pioneering in this new digital world. Not only do Viggle users earn points by checking-in to TV shows or music matching tracks they hear, but they can then redeem their points for music, movies, TV and eBooks from the Viggle Store. Getting the entertainment they love for free! 

We recently expanded our rewards offering beyond our own walls by offering digital content as a reward redemption option for other loyalty based companies.  Bing Rewards has millions of users across the United States and now members can use their Bing Rewards credits for codes redeemable at the Viggle Store for rewards including TV shows, movies, ebooks and music. None of us can be sure what changes in consumer behavior and purchasing patterns are around the corner but one thing we can be sure of, loyalty programs will have to follow those trends in their reward choices.