Viggle celebrated it’s first birthday in a myriad of ways! We added up the numbers and released this new infographic. And outlined our history in the timeline below.

Viggler’s were able to celebrate by going streaking for +500 points with Viggle Streak Week. They also checked into a special “V.I.G.G.L.E.” series of programs for a Birthday Quest also worth +500 points.

We also introduced Viggle Merch! Now you can redeem points for exclusive Viggle merchandise to officially join the Viggle crew!


Viggle Timeline

June 2010

While on a flight across the country, Robert FX Sillerman comes up with the idea of Viggle

February 2011

Robert FX Sillerman facilitates a reverse merger with Gateway Industries and creates Function(x) Inc.

Function(x) Inc. opens for business while working in a friend’s conference room

April 2011

Function(x) Inc. begins hiring expert team to create its first business, Viggle

June 2011

Function(x) Inc. secures a full floor loft at 902 Broadway to be our NY home office

December 2011

Viggle app goes into iTunes Store

Viggle aquires Loyalize

Viggle acquires 65% interest in Tippt Media, Inc.

January 2012

Function(x) Inc. launches Viggle

February 2012

Viggle launches Viggle LIVE with the “Viggle Bowl” during the XLVI Super Bowl

March 2012

Viggle opens the Los Angeles office in Santa Monica

Viggle wins our first award! An Appy for Professional Content in Entertainment

April 2012

Viggle hits the 500,000 registered user mark

Viggle opens the San Francisco office in the SOMA district

May 2012

Viggle wins the “Outstanding Mobile Application” award in the MobileWeb Award Competition

Function(x) Inc. changes its name to Viggle Inc.

Viggle sells 50% interest in Tippt Media, Inc.

July 2012

Verizon Wireless launches Viggle for Android

Viggle passes the 1,000,000 registered users mark in first six months! 

August 2012 

Viggle and DIRECTV form strategic marketing relationship

September 2012

Viggle launches MyGuy real-time fantasy football game for professional and college football

October 2012

Viggle reaches 100,000,000 check-ins!

November 2012

Over $20,000 raised for Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief by Viggle users donating points from Viggle

Viggle launches MyGuy real-time fantasy basketball for professional basketball

December 2012

Named one of TechCrunch’s Top 20 Apps of 2012

January 2013

Highest check-in number to date:  869,914 check-ins through audio verification in a single day on January 13

Viggle gets close to 2 million registered users in first year with 1,785,026 registered users on January 21