Discover Music.
Watch TV.
Get Rewards.

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Check-in or Match

Choose between TV or Music using the toggle button. Check into TV to earn 1 point for every minute you’re checked in. Match any song to earn points. Look out for bonus point opportunities and companion experiences to earn additional points.

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What’s On

The What’s On section will help you find the perfect show to Viggle. Make sure to look out for Bonus Point, Viggle LIVE (real-time trivia), and Viggle Football (fantasy sports) Badges for additional point opportunities.

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Redeem your Viggle Points in the Rewards Catalog for electronics, trips, sweepstakes entries and gift cards from your favorite retailers, or get music starting at 2,500 points on Viggle Store. Since launch, over $19,000,000 in rewards have been redeemed.

Use Viggle while you watch TV and make the experience more fun, social, and rewarding.

"One of the best apps of 2012" - TechCrunch